Civilian Corner

Welcome to the Fighting 1st Regiment Civilian’s Corner.

The Fighting 1st Regiment is a progressive reenacting organization and as civilian members, we are a contributing part of the Fighting 1st Regiment’s 1860 impression.

Our goals as civilians in the Fighting 1st Regiment, are:

  • To maintain an accurate civilian impression in a military setting.  
  • To provide assistance to all reenactors, to improve their impressions through a shared exchange of knowledge whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned reenactor.
  • To provide functional support for the regiment. 
We invite anyone seeking a civilian and or military experience to come to our events or contact any member company to learn more about reenacting with the Fighting 1st Regiment!  

We look forward to see you at an event.

Thank you for visiting our web page,

Catherine Kelly

FFR Civilian Coordinator