Fighting First Regiment
The Fighting First Regiment is an Independent, Progressive Reenacting Battalion that strives to offer its members and and guests a more authentic 1860s military experience.
The Fighting First Regiment was formed with three very specific purposes in mind:
  • To provide veteran reenactor's a Battalion where they can experience military life as it was in the 1860's;
  • To help all reenactors, both old and new, to improve their impression's both in camp and on the battlefield;
  • To include the civilian in the camp of the FFR. Our civilian activities are guarded and directed, making them functional to the purpose of the military in the field, which lends to the whole experience.
We invite you to come join us at any of our events or contact one of our member companies to find out more about the rewarding hobby of Civil War re-enactment and activities of The Fighting First Regiment. Thank you for visiting our website!